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Completing mini-missions, challenges and tasks is fine and dandy for the average person who has the time to burn doing them, but for the rest of us, who are trying to enjoy our city building without spending tons of our precious game time running through the monotonies of side quests and micromanagement, there’s a wonderful tool that’s hit the Internet recently with its APP and  web version.

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This Megaopolis hack tool is designed from the ground up to give players like us a cutting edge advantage on Megaopolis, making it easier for us to build populations, cities we actually enjoy playing, and completing objectives with lightning speed. No more burning hours at a time trying to get those side quests done to bolster your funds and build larger projects; it’s all at your finger tips with this Megaopolis hack!

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You simply enter your user ID, tell it what you want it to do, and the Megaopolis hack does the rest. It works with Facebook’s servers in order to give you unprecedented control over your game and how you play it– imagine, no more wasted time and never having to burn up hours completing mind-numbingly dull side quests to get cash and attract citizens to your city.

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What is Megapolis?

Megapolis, also commonly referred to as megapolis simply refers to a series of roughly bordering metropolitan cities. This is always perceived as the initial stage when it comes to social decline as well as urban development. The term megapolis, was used by great people like Jean Gottmann in the nineteenth century in a bid to describe the sequential metropolitan areas found in the northeastern seaboard of U.S that extends from Massachusetts, via the city of new York, Baltimore, Philadelphia to Washington D.C as well as Northern Virginia.

Also, according to the Greeks, this is a term used significantly to mean a great city. For instance, just from the word mega, this is normally used to mean a million in as far as metric system is concerned. This basically implies that a megapolis region is simply a mega – region that comprises of clustered cities network.


As it works, one could be wondering about what results to megapolis. Significantly, it is prudent to note that this normally come as a result of contemporary interlinked corridors of ground transportation such as highway and rail. Therefore, megaloping is a term used to mean the use of commuter passage ways in travelling throughout megalopolis.

Therefore, based on this finding, megapolis cities are thus found across the globe. This has been orchestrated by huge economic growth in a number of countries worldwide. Population increase is also a factor that is believed to have resulted into megapolis cities. This is owing to the fact that people reproduce in large measures – a factor which normally forces them to find better settlements for their families.

All in all in conclusion, it is not an exaggeration to state that the greatest areas in the globe are those that are urbanized, but not densely populated. It is thus possible that one can see numerous metropolises bordering one another. In such areas, a number of activities normally take place.

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