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A Comprehensive Review of Megapolis – a Popular City Building Game

Megapolis, introduced by Social Quantum, is a sociable city constructing video game featuring over 600 buildings and venues, as well as, a huge number of building materials. Your main aim in the game will be to maintain the populace, deal with interactions with your associates, build infrastructure, generate wealth, and then finally you create your own personal Megapolis. It is accessible across iOS, Facebook, as well as Android.

You create everything right from the beginning on one small empty land and to begin with, it is advisable to start with constructing a few residential houses since they can certainly boost your city’s populace. Second, wind turbines as well as water towers ought to be built because they all produce water along with electrical power, the most important energy a metropolitan city requires. Later on whenever your city is even bigger, you can actually build a few supermarkets, workshops, movie theaters and other amusement shops to deliver coins for even further improvement.


You may follow the quests displayed at the left half of the display screen to build up your own metropolis. By doing this you could earn bonuses such as coins as well as building elements, and EXP. As soon as you’ve acquired some amount of EXPs, you are going to achieve a completely new level-up that is certainly essential to unlock a number of new items, and also improve your constructing options.

The construction work is uncomplicated. You simply tap on an empty location after which the building menus are going to appear. You will see all of the items akin to Residential, Infrastructure, Assets, Production, Resources, Decorations, Roads, Expansions and even Extras. Look for your target object in the appropriate category and you will find its value and construction time.

Given that simulation is part of Megapolis, your metropolis is likewise susceptible to the typical social functioning guidelines to certain extent. One principle that is true is the fact that the effective growth and development of an urban area depends in the stability of population, water, territory, traffic, electrical power in addition to food provisions and so on. In the form of the key planner of your metropolis, it is advisable to work out a scientific development strategy, attempting to make the best usage of the constrained space and establish a relaxed dwelling environment for your own people.

The video game is rendered in incredible 3D graphics, augmenting players’ gaming expertise extensively. You can observe persons strolling idly on the street, guys enjoying basketball, construction workers excavating at building sites and even automobiles moving on the thoroughly clean streets. All of these put together cause you to feel as though you are residing in a realistic’ environment.

Megapolis is an electrifying city builder that delivers unlimited liberty along with the plentiful offerings. You can actually construct your own personal city at will, without becoming exhausted with imperative tasks.

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